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Cleaning of your home and property is really very important. It brings sense of satisfaction along with good health and mental peace. Clean green surroundings will uplift your mood and keep you energetic every time whereas the dirty surroundings lower down your mood, self- confidence and snatches away your peace. You don’t feel like doing anything which in turn reduces your capacity and move you toward a downfall. So Bond Cleaning is necessary not only for health but for your overall wellbeing.

And the cleaning of the property or home is more significant when it is at the end of lease. As along with other factors, it also involves the revival of your security amount deposited with the property owner safely, securely and without any dispute. Due to involvement of bond this cleaning is also referred to as Bond Cleaning and should be done with attention.

Here we are helping you out by sharing a step by step guide based on the guidelines and checklist issued by the Government of Australia on how to proceed step by step for bond cleaning the property. 

Prepare a proper plan according to checklist

 According to the checklist issued by the authorities make a proper plan and list of areas of your property that you have to clean on priority basis and proceed accordingly. Firstly target the high-priority areas which means firstly clean the area that will be noticed first during the inspection and then move on to other secondary areas. This list will also help you to not leave any spot or forget any spot while cleaning. 

Collect all the cleaning tools you require for thorough cleaning

 Gather all the cleaning supplies and tools such as dusting cloth, broom, mop, cleaning solutions, scrubbers, brushes, sponge, bucket etc. you require in order to give your property a sparkling shine. Always use products that are safe for our environment. 

Start with dusting of the entire property

 You should always start bond cleaning of the property with dry dusting. Dust all the visible areas such as ceiling fans, corners of walls, furniture etc. and also dust the hard to reach and hidden areas of the property. Always follow the top to bottom approach in your cleaning. If you wish you can also hire Bond Cleaning Brisbane professionals that carry out thorough cleaning using this approach. 

Heart of the home should be your next spot

 After thorough dusting of the entire property, the next spot you should clean is the heart of the home i.e. kitchen of the property. Remove all utensils outside of the kitchen and clean each and every drawer, cupboard, appliances as well as counter-top of the kitchen. This is the place of the home or property where your food is cooked and it should be ultra-clean for good health of yours. Make sure it doesn’t become home to cockroaches or any other kind of germs and pests. 

Focus on the bathroom next

 Area of the home or property that is often overlooked during bond clean of the property but is the most important one to clean thoroughly. As dirty bathrooms helps bacteria to grow and is harmful for you. Therefore the toilet, bath-tub, shower, tile, sink and other hard-reaching areas should be cleaned with perfection. You can also hire professional services from Bond Cleaning Brisbane to get in-depth cleaning. 

Vacuum the curtains, carpets and rugs

 After the dusting and cleaning of the entire property, now it is time to vacuum the curtains, carpets and rugs to remove dust particles and dirt from them. Vacuuming them will help you get rid of any trapped dirt particles and provide your carpets with healthier and fresh look. You can also opt for steam clean of carpets and curtains from reputed and well-known professional cleaning provider company like Bond Cleaning Brisbane. 

Sanitize and disinfect all the high-touch points

 After all the above steps, you must sanitize and disinfect all highly-touched surfaces of the property. These spots include the handle of the appliances, faucets, light switches, countertop, etc. 

Sweep and Mop the Floor

 Last but not the least, to give finishing touch to bond cleaning of the property you must sweep and mop the floors of the entire property to make it sparklingly clean.

 You must follow the entire above step to carry out Bond Cleaning of the property in an organized manner. If you feel it is difficult for you to carry out such high level of extensive cleaning or if you don’t have time to perform cleaning in such a manner consider hiring professionals from Bond Cleaning Brisbane.

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